The Rea Garden is the latest project to be undertaken by Arlene Burnett. The Secret Garden project finished in June 2008, and the site was renamed  The Rea Garden. The Rea Garden, is an artist led project space and is host to a series of  ‘artists in residence’  during 2009 and 2010.

The first ‘Artist in Residence’ Hannah Hull was at the site during September to December 2009, where she spent 3 months researching the site, at the end of the residency Hannah held a ‘Funeral for the Site’.  Claudia Borgna was the second artist in residence at the site. Claudia spent three months creating a series of temporary installations using recycled plastic bags. The third artist at The Rea Garden  Brigid Mc Leer’s residency culminated on Saturday 19th June @ 12noon, with her ‘durational performance’ One + One (The Reading). The fourth artist in residence for this cycle was sound and installation artist Graham Dunning. Graham spent time at the site excavating for shards of broken 10″ vinyl’s remnants of when the site was used by Phillips records in the 1960’s. These were collaged together to produce a new sound piece which formed part of his exhibition.

For further details about The Rea Garden, the previous and upcoming residencies  go to the Behind Closed Doors blog.

photograph courtesy of Paul Newman

photograph courtesy of Graham Dunning

The Rea Garden Residency Programme is funded by Arts Council England and The National Lottery

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